Summer Kollel 5784/2024!

Spend this summer learning virtually with a cohort of diverse and dedicated learners!

June 24 - July 12

Now in its 15th year, the Drisha Summer Kollel is a rigorous, immersive program of Torah study.

Applications are due Monday, April 15th at 11:59pm EST. Apply here.

About this Year's Program: FAQ

When can I learn with Drisha Kollel?

Drisha Kollel will meet for one session this summer: June 24th-July 12th (including the 4th of July). Kollel students are expected to attend the entire session, though we will make exceptions in special cases.

Are there part-time options?

Each session will include intensive morning Gemara seder Monday through Friday, as well as afternoon seder Monday through Thursday.  Applicants who wish to join for only mornings or only afternoons are welcome.

Who is the Kollel for?

Drisha Kollel is for serious and aspiring students of Torah.  The Kollel is a text-based program that presumes some familiarity with Hebrew (more than just ability to sound out words).  Prior Talmud experience is not necessary.  Kollel is open to students of any denominational affiliation (or lack thereof).

What is the tuition for the Kollel?

Tuition for the full session is $700, mornings only is $400, and afternoons only is $350. There is limited financial aid available. To request financial aid, click here.

What does the Virtual Kollel day look like?

The Kollel day begins with morning seder. Morning Talmud seder is split into two levels, depending on the student body each summer.  The Beginner level is suitable for students who have some experience working through Hebrew texts in the original, even if they have never studied Talmud. Intermediate/Advanced is geared both toward Intermediate is for students with significant Talmud experience who need to hone their textual and conceptual abilities and students with significant yeshiva experience who are comfortable preparing gemara and rishonim on their own.

After Lunch, we have afternoon seder.  The core of afternoon seder is mixed-level classes that approach topics related to our morning learning from an interdisciplinary perspective, including philosophy, Tanakh, halakha, and more. Afternoon seder caps off with a dedicated time for bekiut study (learning for breadth as opposed to depth), either self-guided or in a shiur. Interspersed throughout the program, we will have alumni and other guest speakers.

What will the Kollel be learning?

In our morning Talmud course we will be learning the second chapter of Makkot. In the afternoons we will have a variety of classes from Drisha scholars about Tanakh, Halakha, and Jewish Thought.

Our Classes

Morning Talmud

Our morning seder is divided into two levels, based on students' skills. Each session includes study time with a chavruta (study partner).

Afternoon Electives (Mon-Thurs)

Program participants of all skill levels join classes led by Drisha scholars.

Special Lectures

A variety of special lectures will be scheduled throughout the summer and open to all.

“Thank you so much for giving everyone an equal opportunity to learn Torah. I am so grateful to have Drisha in my life.”

- Kollel Participant

"I expected a rigorous, intellectual Talmud program in the morning and interesting shiruim and larger discussions in the afternoon, and Drisha just totally exceeded my expectations! I didn't expect to connect to others and make new friends over zoom but I really can say that I think my friends from this program will stick with me for a long time.”

- Kollel Participant