Summer Kollel 2023

Immersive learning. Brilliant Torah. Joyous community.

June 12-30 & July 3-21

Now in its 14th year, the Drisha Summer Kollel is a rigorous, immersive program of Torah study, prayer and community building.

The Virtual Kollel option will continue to accept applications for the morning gemara seder portion only, on the following schedule:
The Session 1 application deadline for new applicants is May 30th @ 11PM ET,  and for alumni, June 5th @ 11PM ET.
The Session 2 application deadline for new applicants is June 14th @ 11PM ET, and for alumni, June 21st @ 11PM ET.

Participants learning with us in Session 1 can decide they'd like to continue on into Session 2, informing us no later than June 19th @ 11PM ET.

About this Year's Programs: FAQ

When can I learn with Drisha Kollel?

Drisha Kollel will meet for two sessions this summer: June 12-30, and July 3-21, 2023.

Students are welcome to join one or both sessions as their schedule allows.

Are there part-time options?

Each session will include intensive morning Gemara seder Monday through Friday, as well as afternoon seder Monday through Thursday.  Applicants who wish to join for only mornings or only afternoons are welcome.

Who is the Kollel for?

Drisha Kollel is for serious and aspiring students of Torah.  The Kollel is a text-based program that presumes some familiarity with Hebrew (more than just ability to sound out words).  Prior Talmud experience is not necessary.  Kollel is open to students of any denominational affiliation (or lack thereof).  The program itself is fully Shabbat and Kashrut observant.

What does the NYC Kollel day look like?

The Kollel day begins with Tefillah. After minyan we eat breakfast together, then proceed to morning seder.  

Morning Gemara seder is split into two or three levels, again depending on the student body each summer.  The Beginner level is suitable for students who have some experience working through Hebrew texts in the original, even if they have never studied Talmud.  Intermediate is for students with significant Talmud experience who need to hone their textual and conceptual abilities.  Advanced is geared toward students with significant yeshiva experience who are comfortable preparing gemara and rishonim on their own.

After Lunch, we pray minchah followed by afternoon seder.  The core of afternoon seder is mixed-level classes that approach topics related to our morning learning from an interdisciplinary perspective, including philosophy, Tanach, history, and more.  We generally offer a choice of two classes at a time, and afternoon class offerings switch part of the way through the session.  Afternoon seder caps off with a dedicated time for beikut study (learning for breadth as opposed to depth), either self-guided or in a shiur.  

Twice a week (usually Tuesdays and Thursdays) we stay together for night seder, where students have a chance to explore their own learning as well learn with special visitors.  

Interspersed throughout the program, we will have alumni and other guest speakers.

How does Tefillah at Kollel work?

Kollel students commit to praying shacharit and minchah (and arvit, on night seder days) together with the community, with the minyan that matches their commitments. Minyan offerings vary depending on students.  In the past students have had the option of praying with mechitzah and traditional egalitarian minyanim.

What is the service component of the Kollel?

We strive to build our community on the core principles of not only Torah and Avodah, but also Gemilut Hassadim.  We are working to partner with local organizations that can benefit from our volunteer hours.  Kollel fellows also historically have had the opportunity to hear from speakers who can contextualize our volunteer work and teach us about pressing human issues facing the New York community (in the past these speakers have focussed on homelessness).  

What will the Kollel be learning?

Stay tuned!

Where will the in-person Kollel take place?

The in-person Kollel will take place in New York City again this year.  Stay tuned for an update once we finalize the location!

Does the Kollel provide room and board?

The Kollel provides breakfast after shacharit, and dinner on night-seder days.  The Kollel does not provide housing.  We will do our best to help connect our students to subletting opportunities if requested.  Financial Aid applicants may be granted limited housing assistance.

How will Virtual Kollel work?

Virtual Kollel will run in parallel to in-person Kollel. Virtual students will have a dedicated morning seder and shiur. In the afternoon they will be invited to join one of the in-person Kollel classes whose format is more amenable to hybrid learning.  Virtual Kollel will include some community-building opportunities as well.  Like in-person Kollel, Virtual Kollel will also be available part time (only mornings or only afternoons) for those who cannot make the full-day commitment.  

What will the Covid policy be?

Proof of vaccination will be required.  Masking and other safety policies will be determined and announced as the summer draws nearer, taking into account applicable Federal, State, and local guidelines as well as the policy of our host institutions.

From the moment I arrived in the Kollel, the atmosphere of learning, conversation and friendship really embraced me. Drisha fosters an environment where those of a huge range of ability and backgrounds can learn together respectfully, encouraging everyone to add their voice to the Torah unfolding before us. The teaching and scholarship here is excellent, and I leave shiurim feeling challenged. I also hugely enjoy the music which pervades the air, from the kumtzitz on Thursday evenings, to the hachanat ltefila class on niggunim. And it’s not only the music which pervades the air, but also deep and interesting conversations, complementing the classes. In short, it is a fantastic way to spend your summer!

- Hannah Cowen, Kollel 2017

Our Classes

Hakhanah Le-Tefilah

Each morning, students have an option of a variety of classes exploring different facets and modes of prayer; students are asked to commit to at least one session per week.

Morning Talmud

Our morning seder is divided into two or three levels, based on students' skills. Each session includes study time with a chavruta (study partner). In-person students are asked to commit to the entire 5-week course. Virtual Kollel students are asked to commit to either one or both full weeks of the program.

Afternoon Electives (Mon-Thurs)

Program participants of all skill levels join classes lead by world-renowned experts, exploring a unified topic from a variety of angles.

Special Lectures

A variety of special lectures will be scheduled throughout the summer and open to all.

What past participants are saying…

“Drisha’s Beit Midrash is truly a one of a kind place. Every time I walked inside, I could feel the energy being generated all around me by the combined passion of the incredible faculty and inspiring students. Drisha provided me not only with a wonderful place to learn, but with a place where I could grow as a human being in general and as a Jew in particular. I can’t wait to be back!”

- Steve Gotlib, Kollel 2016

"My Drisha experience impacted me in setting the groundwork for how I view the role of a Beit Midrash in a community. On my own campus, I think of ways to expand the walls of the Beit Midrash, ways to bring the Beit Midrash to others, and most importantly, ways to ensure that the outside community, its values and concerns, are brought into the Beit Midrash.”

- Raymond Habbaz, Kollel 2013 & 2014

"Drisha’s beit midrash is a place that I can return to time and again to study and learn. My time spent learning at Drisha increased my love of advanced Torah learning and allowed me to forge connections with incredible people. These connections still remain strong today.”

Ilana Gadish, Kollel 2010 & 2011

Wondering if our virtual beit midrash is for you?

“Thank you so much for giving everyone an equal opportunity to learn Torah. I am so grateful to have Drisha in my life.”

- 2020 Virtual Kollel Participant

Our educators are skilled not just in teaching Torah, but also in navigating digital tools and resources, helping students to have a robust textual learning experience, even when the nearest physical beit midrash is hours away.

"I expected a rigorous, intellectual Talmud program in the morning and interesting shiruim and larger discussions in the afternoon, and Drisha just totally exceeded my expectations! I didn't expect to connect to others and make new friends over zoom but I really can say that I think my friends from this program will stick with me for a long time. ”

- 2020 Virtual Kollel Participant

"Thank you so much for providing this Jewish learning space! It was such a gift in this disconnected and painful time.”

2020 Virtual Kollel Participant

Our virtual programs have successfully hosted students from as far west as California, and from as far east as India. We routinely welcome participants from Israel, Europe, Canada, and more.