Summer Kollel
Immersive learning. Brilliant Torah. Joyous community.

May 23 - June 3, join us online!
June 27 - July 29, join us in New York City!

Now in its 13th year, the Drisha Summer Kollel is a rigorous, immersive program of Torah study, prayer and community building.

Individuals who wish to participate only in events open to the full public, such as our evening programming, should not apply to the program, but rather register for individual lectures on our site as they are listed.

For more information or questions, please review this page, and contact us at [email protected] or call 212-595-0307.

Applications for our  2022 programs are now closed. 

Stay tuned for next year!

About this Year's Programs

Join our virtual Beit Midrash!

May 23 - June 3, 2022

How to Participate

  • Full-time students: Students who are able to commit to a full day of study will join a diverse cohort in building an on-line community.  In addition to morning and afternoon classes, the program will include hakhanah le-tefillah (prayer workshops) and special lectures on a wide range of topics related to Talmud study.
  • Part-time students: Students who are not able to commit to a full-time program are welcome to join us for either morning or afternoon classes.
  • Following the success of last year’s online program, when 35 students created a vibrant virtual beit midrash, we are excited once again to offer the chance for students from across the Jewish world to come together for an online learning experience like no other.

Join us in-person in NYC!

June 27 - July 29, 2022

How to Participate

  • Full-time students: Students who are able to commit to a full day of study will join a diverse cohort engaged in Torah, avodah, and gemilut hassadim (prayer, learning, and community service) together. In addition to morning and afternoon classes, the program will include hakhanah le-tefillah (prayer workshops), community service, and special lectures on a wide range of topics. The Kollel will provide breakfast and one other meal each day.
  • Part-time students: Students who are not able to commit to a full-time program are welcome to join us for either morning or afternoon classes. 
  • After a pandemic-induced break from in-person Kollel, we are excitedly planning for a return to our fully immersive program this summer.  Drisha Kollel builds community around our unique blend of prayer, study, and communal engagement.


  • Full time: $180 per week
  • Part Time: $90 per week


  • Full time: $1000 for the five week course
  • Part Time: $500 for the five week course

The tuition rates above reflect a substantial subsidy to the cost of the programs.  Full or partial tuition waivers are available based on need; no one will be excluded due to inability to pay.  In addition to need-based tuition waivers, full-time, in-person students may apply for a limited number of living stipends, up to $1000, to be awarded on the basis of need.

From the moment I arrived in the Kollel, the atmosphere of learning, conversation and friendship really embraced me. Drisha fosters an environment where those of a huge range of ability and backgrounds can learn together respectfully, encouraging everyone to add their voice to the Torah unfolding before us. The teaching and scholarship here is excellent, and I leave shiurim feeling challenged. I also hugely enjoy the music which pervades the air, from the kumtzitz on Thursday evenings, to the hachanat ltefila class on niggunim. And it’s not only the music which pervades the air, but also deep and interesting conversations, complementing the classes. In short, it is a fantastic way to spend your summer!

- Hannah Cowen, Kollel 2017

Our Classes

Hakhanah Le-Tefilah

Each morning, students have an option of a variety of classes exploring different facets and modes of prayer; students are asked to commit to at least one session per week

Morning Talmud

Our morning seder is divided into two or three levels, based on students' skills. Each session includes study time with a chavruta (study partner). In-person students are asked to commit to the entire 5-week course. Virtual Kollel students are asked to commit to either one or both full weeks of the program.

Afternoon Electives (Mon-Thurs)

Program participants of all skill levels join classes lead by world-renowned experts, exploring a unified topic from a variety of angles.

Special Lectures

A variety of special lectures will be scheduled throughout the summer and open to all.

Our Faculty

Miriam Gedwiser

Rosh Kollel

NYC Kollel - Beginner's Gemara Shiur

Rabbi Daniel Reifman

NYC Kollel - Intermediate Gemara Shiur

Rabbi David Silber

NYC Kollel - Advanced Gemara Shiur

Shlomo Zuckier

Dr. Shana Strauch Schick

Virtual Kollel - Beginners Gemara Shiur

Rabbi Dr. Shlomo Zuckier

Virtual Kollel - Advanced Gemara Shiur

What past participants are saying…

“Drisha’s Beit Midrash is truly a one of a kind place. Every time I walked inside, I could feel the energy being generated all around me by the combined passion of the incredible faculty and inspiring students. Drisha provided me not only with a wonderful place to learn, but with a place where I could grow as a human being in general and as a Jew in particular. I can’t wait to be back!”

- Steve Gotlib, Kollel 2016

"My Drisha experience impacted me in setting the groundwork for how I view the role of a Beit Midrash in a community. On my own campus, I think of ways to expand the walls of the Beit Midrash, ways to bring the Beit Midrash to others, and most importantly, ways to ensure that the outside community, its values and concerns, are brought into the Beit Midrash.”

- Raymond Habbaz, Kollel 2013 & 2014

"Drisha’s beit midrash is a place that I can return to time and again to study and learn. My time spent learning at Drisha increased my love of advanced Torah learning and allowed me to forge connections with incredible people. These connections still remain strong today.”

Ilana Gadish, Kollel 2010 & 2011

Wondering if our virtual beit midrash is for you?

“Thank you so much for giving everyone an equal opportunity to learn Torah. I am so grateful to have Drisha in my life.”

- 2020 Virtual Kollel Participant

Our educators are skilled not just in teaching Torah, but also in navigating digital tools and resources, helping students to have a robust textual learning experience, even when the nearest physical beit midrash is hours away.

"I expected a rigorous, intellectual Talmud program in the morning and interesting shiruim and larger discussions in the afternoon, and Drisha just totally exceeded my expectations! I didn't expect to connect to others and make new friends over zoom but I really can say that I think my friends from this program will stick with me for a long time. ”

- 2020 Virtual Kollel Participant

"Thank you so much for providing this Jewish learning space! It was such a gift in this disconnected and painful time.”

2020 Virtual Kollel Participant

Our virtual programs have successfully hosted students from as far west as California, and from as far east as India. We routinely welcome participants from Israel, Europe, Canada, and more.